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Cold Road by darkflare666 Cold Road :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 2 7 Natty Dreadlocks by darkflare666 Natty Dreadlocks :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 0 3 Inevitable Decay by darkflare666 Inevitable Decay :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 0 1
Every little indescrition,
Will one day,
Shift your direction,
But who can say,
Who can predict,
Our next turn,
Fathers next edict,
and Yes I yearn,
For a release,
A little sigh,
A glimpse of peace,
Just look at my,
Stuttering left hand,
And tell me that,
You understand,
My drugs hat,
All made smiles,
Except for me,
I am denial,
I will not see,
Beneath the surface.
:icondarkflare666:darkflare666 2 12
and Her
She wore a shroud,
Of misunderstanding,
To hide from the blind,
Who were so demanding,
Of her patience and control,
It nearly took her soul,
But they'll never see,
All that she can be,
With just a little love.
She can be a blossom,
A flower of the summer,
But if your words are cold,
Then she will slowly wither,
You are so quick to hate,
You could never recreate,
Anything you break,
Never hold a light,
Up to her angels flight,
You'd be dazzled by her wings.
:icondarkflare666:darkflare666 3 18
It was Random by darkflare666 It was Random :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 0 7 Geministic by darkflare666 Geministic :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 9 0 Shpirit by darkflare666 Shpirit :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 4 34
After Your Day
Verse 1:
Have some strength,
Take some heart,
It only seems like it's falling apart,
You know tomorrow the sun will be rising again.
Take some time,
To look around,
With both feet firmly on the ground,
You know after it sets, the sun will rise again.
After the day,
Has had it's fill of you,
It leaves you alone in the dark,
But no matter,
How cold or lonely it seems,
You know I will be here,
You know that I am still here.
Verse 2:
And tomorrow seems,
Like forever away,
ANd all that's left is dreams of yesterday,
But you know the sun will be rising again.
And everyone says,
You are all alone,
But you know that's not true, you still have a home,
And it's still right here with me.
After the day...
Verse 3:
Can you still feel,
The warmth of the sun,
A brand new day has already begun,
You know the sun has risen again.
Do you remember,
The light of the moon,
And the time I spent there with you,
Please don't forget, when the sun has risen again.
:icondarkflare666:darkflare666 1 22
Fear Me, For I Am Jesus by darkflare666 Fear Me, For I Am Jesus :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 0 23 My room by darkflare666 My room :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 1 11
Dust Settles
She smiles,
When everything is dreary,
She stands,
And supports us all,
When we have become weary,
But we forget she's there,
Grey spiders spin webs in her hair.
She's comfort,
Sweet dreams for tomorrow,
She's patience,
More than I've ever deserved,
Always has fresh hope that I can borrow,
But I've stared so long, that I can't see her,
I waited so long, no one can be her.
She's daylight,
And I've been asleep too long,
She's today,
But I need to catch up,
I'm note's behind in our song,
Please don't let me fall behind you,
Once I'm lost, how will I find you.
Don't forget how I was yesterday,
Even if I can't bare me today,
I swear I'll be me tomorrow,
I just need to wake up,
I haven't been asleep long enough to forget how.
Dust settles when weeks pass unchanged,
A groundhog day that keeps on looping,
But I don't have the time to become deranged,
Distances are still too far, and time too real.
But I can't walk without sensation,
And each day I immobilise myself again,
If you move on while
:icondarkflare666:darkflare666 2 12
Fear the Flames II by darkflare666 Fear the Flames II :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 2 14 Fear the Flames by darkflare666 Fear the Flames :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 4 9 Child of the Black Flames by darkflare666 Child of the Black Flames :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 3 23 Forest Spirit Inked by darkflare666 Forest Spirit Inked :icondarkflare666:darkflare666 4 11

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Current Residence: snowy ass, nowheresville, ireland
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Well, doubtlessly some of you have noticed that I've disappeared the last few months. I was in contact with Kitsuneko briefly to discuss a collab, but y'all never replied man. Anyways, the story is this. I think it's about time that I set up a new dA page. I've had this one since I was about 16-17 and there are some things on here that I just don't feel anymore. I'm going to back up all of my work, and transfer anything useable to the new account, the rest I shall keep for posterity. I'll probably leave this one open for another 2-3 weeks before I delete it and begin using the new one. I shall post the name of the new account in a final journal update for this page, so if anyone out there feels like following me onto new ground, please feel free.

I feel a mite scummy for doing this. I have known a few poeple on this page for years now, but this is an attempt to try to motivate myself into new work. I haven't logged onto dA in too long, and when I do, I don't really feel like doing anything as the backlog is just togreat. To those that I know, thanks a lot for all the support over the years, and hopefully I'll see you on the new page.


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Haven't talked to you in a while.
How is everything? :D
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Thanks for the fave! I appreciate it.
darkflare666 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2008
don't mention it. I fave when it's due.
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Durathror Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Your stuff is so utterly amazing that it leaves me speechless...You should have more pageviews than that! D:
darkflare666 Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
I think you clicked on the wrong gallery by mistake.

Surely you're not talking about mine. XD You forget I made it, so I know EXACTLY how it looks ^_^
Durathror Featured By Owner May 28, 2008
You only know how it looks through the mind of the person who created it, and the creator always thinks it looks like shit, regardless of if it is or not. :nod:
darkflare666 Featured By Owner May 29, 2008
damn you and you're logic, it's so damn hard to disagree with XD

thank you though, seriously.
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